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In 2012, three 19 year olds decided to begin their own theatre company, and took on the gargantuan effort of producing acclaimed musical RENT. It was a massive success, but became their sole production, for years, the trials of building a company too daunting to pursue. 

When the Cursed Child was released, they could not have been more thrilled when this eighth installment - one for the stage - was announced. Upon reading, they decided to try and see what would happen if the story was good. Inspired by Austin McConnell's YouTube fix, they took to the challenge - and succeeded.

What followed was pure magic, and allowed young adults to build their dream from the ground up. It is an unofficial, unauthorized production, in no way affiliated with JK Rowling or Warner Brothers. 

Nineteen Years Later became a viral sensation that gave their company new life, and allowed them to mount productions that matter. While only one of the original three remains involved, the company has thrived, taking on new partners (all of whom are young women eager to advance their places in the professional theatre industry), and grown in beautiful ways. M&W Theatre is dedicated to providing the ARTS and helping communities that matter, and a portion of ticket sales will always be donated to a charity related to the show presented.